Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All hail the Supreme Queen!!!

So the outfits were worn and the hair and makeup done. There were little girls with little curls EVERYWHERE. I couldn't be more proud of my little diva! She did a great job at the Little Miss Oklahoma State Pageant this past weekend.

For those of you that have never experienced a pageant, the state pageant is like the playoffs in any sport. It's a big deal. All of the girls bring their A game. My little princess was no exception! Generally I wonder when she's going to melt down in front of everyone and decide not to cooperate. It's usually inevitable. I'm not sure whether she just finally decided not to, or whether it was b/c there was finally an actual STAGE for her to strut her stuff on, but she ROCKED it out in every single part of the competition.

We weren't allowed to take pics of the girls on stage during competition (we had to purchase those) and I was standing behind her on stage most of the competition (but I was clearly unneccessary as she did her own adorable thing) but I did order photos and a video so I could see what everyone else got to see. Everyone I talked to though said she was absolutely adorable and everyone loved her outfits (which I was sure to point out I made) I did get a picture or two of her Hollywood wear at home outside...and here they are.

In the end, my adorable diva/model/pageant princess won Little Miss Oklahoma State Divisional Supreme Queen (for 2-3 year old age division) Not to shabby! And very much deserved for her hard work! I love my little Queen!
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.*¨) (¸.•´¸➷♥¸.•´¸.•´¸.*¨).*¨)¸.*
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.*¨) (¸.•´¸➷♥¸.•´¸.•´¸.*¨).*¨)¸.*¸
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.*¨) (¸.•´¸➷♥¸.•´¸.•´¸.*¨).*¨)¸.*

In other recent news, I was given the position of Leader in my awesome Promotional Frenzy Team on Etsy. I am truly honored that I have been given this opportunity to help all of my teammates out. I love our team! There is nothing like a group of people banding together to help each other reach their goals!!! BEST. TEAM. EVER.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes and my busy May

My lovely family at my friend's wedding!

Well, my busy month is almost over. One more big event this coming weekend...my little diva's Little Miss Oklahoma State Pageant. I have completed her outfits and I'm SO excited for her to ROCK them on stage. I also can't wait to post them for all of you to see the hard work I've been putting in. I have made ALL of them by myself...no patterns, just my own little imaginings! I'll get some great pics of them, no worries. Everyone cross your fingers for a big win for my adorable little model!
This is one of my daughter's many outfits that I have made all by my little lonesome....

I know, I know, most of you have seen this one but I'll reveal the new ones after the competition Saturday! I can't wait to show you!

Now on to the Ch-ch-ch-changes
I know that change is hard for people sometimes...but some changes are really great ones. I've been thinking about this a lot today. How do we know if something is going to be a good thing unless we try it? The answer....we don't. I would encourage everyone to have an adventurous spirit....scary? Yes, sometimes change can be...but as people wiser than I have said "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" Give it a try...you may like it...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busiest May EVER

This month is SO busy I feel like I can barely breathe. I haven't had a weekend where I did not have some kind of major plans.

The next two weekends are going to be particularly busy. I am a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. We all probably know how busy schedules get around a wedding. Her wedding is going to ROCK! We are wearing some gorgeous dresses that look very "Greek Goddess" inspired...but the best part? The best part is we are wearing very comfy Chuck Taylor's All-Star sneakers under them!!! (Gotta love my awesome friends)

Then, next weekend is my youngest daughter's (my adorable model) state beauty pageant! I have been a busy busy lady trying to get all of her outfits ready (yes, I am crazy enough to make them all myself) I will post pictures of them after her competition next weekend. They are really beautiful, and I can't wait to see them on her on stage!

I have chosen some great music to go with each outfit and I'm crossing my fingers that my adorable little girl gets the recognition she deserves for being so awesome!

These things aren't even including all of my normal everyday duties around the house and with the kids. Not to mention my orders and my awesome customers!

Maybe the first weekend in June I'll get a break...maybe...