Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love my OKEtsy Team!

Check out the awesome feature they did on me on their blog:

Thank you SO much for featuring me! There are so many creative artists in our wonderful state!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Festivals and New Bows

So, it was hotter than the pits of Hades on Saturday for the Brick & Rolling Pin Festival. But I had a blast with my friend Shannon (yes...we are aware that our names are very similar...yes, we know it's confusing). She came down to help me out and I was glad to have the time to chat with her.

Got to show off my new banner....of course we ended up having to batten down the hatches on EVERYTHING. Every now and then we'd get a steaming hot gust of wind and it would whip everything around.

The rack you see there with the tutus actually fell on my head at one point when the wind blew....FANTASTIC!

Overall we had a pretty sweet setup...I'm really proud of those chairs you see, they are SUPER comfy! and we had two canopies so the one in back was just for us to be shaded (good thing to as it got up to 110+ degrees)

I tried fried Kool-Aid...ummm...I didn't get a pic though as it was gone as soon as I realized it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

And...on to the new bows...I have listed three new bows.

 Pretty In Paisley Bitty Bow
 Bubble Gum Blast Diva Dazzle Bow
Camo Cutie Diva Dazzle Bow

I love the Bubble Gum Blast's my favorite of the Diva Dazzle Bows so far. Which one is your favorite?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Come out and See me!

Tomorrow is the Stroud International Brick & Rolling Pin Festival. Curious to see what it's all about? You should come out and see us at Foster Park in Stroud, OK!

The festival is held between the four townships of STROUD in Canada, UK, USA and Australia.

The festivities begin at 10 a.m. with a parade down main street in Stroud that will go to Foster Park. There are all kinds of wonderful events, vendors, and competitions all day long. Brick toss, Rolling pin toss, Old School games (hay toss, egg toss, etc), Singing contest, Pie making contest, Pie eating contest, bands...these are just some of the events that will be taking place tomorrow. Not to mention vendors from all over! 

The  Sac & Fox  Powwow is also in Stroud Saturday. That's a ton of events for everyone in the family. 

Come out and enjoy a good time and stop by to say, "Hi!" to us and get something cute for your little princess! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Optometrists ROCK!

We had to take a trip to the optometrist. My little diva had to get her eyes checked. It turns out that she is a bit far sighted and has to wear glasses. We found the cutest frames and I thought it was going to be a week before we got the glasses. Rayne threw an absolute fit...she wanted her glasses right then! She was very mad at me the rest of the day, she kept reminding me that the eye doctor TOLD her that she had to wear them. Thankfully they called me the next morning and said that they had the glasses done b/c they had the lenses in the back. (thank goodness for small miracles)

Here are the first pics of my little diva in her adorable glasses

The best part is....she hasn't taken them off yet! I guess she really can see better with them!!! I think they're super cute on her, and I am SO glad that the frames for kids have improved since I was a kid lol