Our Story

I am the stay at home mom of 4 really awesome kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. And those two girls are adorable DIVAS!

I started my shop when my littlest diva finally got some HAIR!

I couldn't wait to have all kinds of beautiful accessories for her. Shortly after that she became involved in pageants and since I have known how to sew ever since I can remember, I began to make outfits for her pageants as well.

I was the little girl that used to make purses out of any fabric I could find. I've always loved creating things for myself and now I have the privilege to be able to create beautiful things for not just my own family, but for others also.

What began as a few spools of ribbon stored on the desk in my living room has become a room filled with fabrics and ribbons and all of the supplies needed to make tons of beautiful items.

 We have a lot of fun coming up with great accessories with princesses and divas in mind.

I take great pride in my products and make every effort to be sure all of the products are the latest and most popular designs, at an affordable price.

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