Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Blog Got a Makeover!

I just wasn't happy with the look of the blog. Sure, it was kinda cute, but I just hadn't had time to play around with it and make it my own. Until today. Some of you may know, I've been a little laid up in bed recently because I had quite the dental procedure a few days ago. I haven't felt up to creating much but I've been browsing through the net quite a bit (thank goodness for laptops) 

I just couldn't get over how my blog looked. It didn't "fit". It wasn't was the canned version of a template that wasn't really my style, it was just convenient when I created the blog to pop it up there really fast and move on. Well that ends today! I edited the entire blog, changed the colors, the layout, EVERYTHING (honestly I may have gotten a little obsessive about the whole ordeal)

I want to thank Kelly at Kelly Designs for the fantastic graphics she does, and for helping me decide on the "Bring on the Bling" tag line. Everyone that has a blog, a business, or any type of page that needs a little added "oomph" should definitely stop by her shop. She's an awesome friend and really knows how to make fantastic classy graphics to spice up your site! 

Thank you have saved me from myself...and my laziness. You are truly a ROCK STAR!

You can find Kelly in a variety of places so she can make some snazzy graphics for you too!

And Kelly....I have a feeling I'm going to need a ton more graphics from you soon :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday

I've been making some really fun things this week. New bows and super new (for me anyway) mini top hats.

I will be getting pics of and posting new mini top hat designs this week. All of the mini top hats will be one of a kind (OOAK) And you can even order a custom design and color.

I'm always looking for new sweet and fun things to make! If you have an idea something you think would make an awesome new addition to our shop send me a message on our Facebook page or our Email and if we do end up adding it to the shop as a new item you will get one of them first...and at everyone's favorite price...FREE!!

On the holiday front, Mother's Day is coming up quick and here are just a few of my friend's shops that have some fantastic items for your mom (or for yourself)

Powers Of Love has some really fun photo albums and picture frames that would make a great gift for moms to keep those precious pics in:

Crimson Hill Soaps and Scents has a wonderful selection of soaps, lotions, and perfumes to pamper mom with. My favorite is the Mandarin Tiki!

And of course at Crimson Hill Designs you can find beautiful wire wrapped rings!

Don't forget to join the fun and discussions on our Facebook and Twitter. Or just stop by and say "Hi". There's always something new going on and we love to hear from you!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I've been a bad, bad, girl

I have neglected my blog for WAY too long. I am in serious need of a scheduling overhaul for pretty much everything. I've been so swamped lately that every time I sat down to post on my blog something has come up. A ton has gone on and I am definitely going to start keeping up with blogging better.

You are all my witnesses!

So...Spring Break has come and gone. The kids weren't fond of me during that time frame b/c the entire house got an overhaul. I went through every little nook of the house (and yes, even the garage) and purged and organized.

With my renewed Spring organization also came a schedule. That's right....I said it. A schedule! I have been plotting and planning and jotting down things on my calendar. I am ready for the spring and the renewal it brings.

In the shop I've been adding some SUPER cute bags and wallets. The tote bags are my favorite and are really incredibly versatile. You can use them as purses, beach bags, sleepover bags for the kiddos when they go to their slumber parties. So much fun, and really adorable. Check them out!

Also, if you have a girl's sports team and are looking for a fun way to make them stand out let me know. I love making bows all the time, but it's really fun making a whole team full of super cute girls bows. And you get a discount for group orders...Who doesn't love that?