Monday, April 2, 2012

I've been a bad, bad, girl

I have neglected my blog for WAY too long. I am in serious need of a scheduling overhaul for pretty much everything. I've been so swamped lately that every time I sat down to post on my blog something has come up. A ton has gone on and I am definitely going to start keeping up with blogging better.

You are all my witnesses!

So...Spring Break has come and gone. The kids weren't fond of me during that time frame b/c the entire house got an overhaul. I went through every little nook of the house (and yes, even the garage) and purged and organized.

With my renewed Spring organization also came a schedule. That's right....I said it. A schedule! I have been plotting and planning and jotting down things on my calendar. I am ready for the spring and the renewal it brings.

In the shop I've been adding some SUPER cute bags and wallets. The tote bags are my favorite and are really incredibly versatile. You can use them as purses, beach bags, sleepover bags for the kiddos when they go to their slumber parties. So much fun, and really adorable. Check them out!

Also, if you have a girl's sports team and are looking for a fun way to make them stand out let me know. I love making bows all the time, but it's really fun making a whole team full of super cute girls bows. And you get a discount for group orders...Who doesn't love that?

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