Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Fling

We're making some exciting new additions to our products for Spring.

Inspired by the beautiful pastels and bright colors of Spring flowers.

The first supplies to arrive were the supplies for our new Bloom & Bling Bands.

Bloom & Bling Bands

These fun hair ties are beautiful and functional.  They are great for ponytails, pigtails, and buns and they won't leave that unsightly crease behind like some hair ties do.  Ina ddition to helping your hair look fabulous - they also look cute and stylish on your wrist and they don't dig in there either.

I'm really excited to be offering these handmade cuties in our shop.

We have also added necklaces to our inventory! And boy are they adorable! The soft and light organza ribbon and layers of cording make these fantastic necklaces pop!

Organza Ribbon Necklaces by Bloom & Bling

And who could forget our new customer favorite, the Sleep Masks? These posh masks are great for keeping out the light and letting you catch some Z's. Whether you feel that migraine coming on, need to catch a cat nap while your new baby is sleeping, or want to have a fantastic spa party night with the gals, these sleep masks will have you snoozing in style!

Sleep Masks - by Bloom & Bling

We can create custom party packs of sleep masks for a great Spa Birthday Bash for your girls too. Tweens and teens alike will love them! (And my 5 year old diva won't sleep without hers either)

Check out all of these fantastic additions to our shop!
Bloom & Bling on Etsy
And keep up with all of the new additions as they arrive here:


  1. Great new items! I hope they all sell well for you

  2. Those sleep masks are awesome, but all of the newbies are great!