Sunday, March 20, 2011

Imagine- Dream- Create

I've  always been one to imagine the possibilities. Now, more than ever, I firmly believe that imagining and dreaming are the best parts of creating. Coming up with new and creative ways to do something is one of the bigger joys in life. I am so glad that I was always taught to imagine and dream.

Let those creative thoughts turn into beautiful actions and possibilities!

I know this all seems like pointless drivel, but I am so overly excited that I came up with a design for my newest bows that doesn't involve the "same old" ways of doing things as everyone else out there.

 A lot of people rely on chemical fabric stiffeners to make their bows hold the desired shape. What is the result? If the bow gets damp the stiffener lets go and the bow droops. Also, who wants to put any sort of chemical on their precious child's head?

 By imagining and with a touch of creativity I came up with a way to make beautiful full bows, that don't lose their shape, and don't require the addition of chemical stiffeners.

So, I say to creative....imagine....dream...
It does pay off in the end.

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