Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I've done while my insomnia has been kicking my butt...

Yeah....insomnia, boy is it NO fun at all. That's what I thought before....of course now that I've been on a creative spree through this round of sleeplessness, it has actually turned out that my insomnia is rather fun....and oddly productive. Here are a few things I've done while I've been wide eyed all night long for the past week or so.
 I also got a burst of energy earlier today (after I had to renew my drivers license AND take one child to the optometrist) and decided to go outside and get some photos of some of my products on models (i.e. my two year old). Here's a few of those too...
 I also managed to make it to one of the Virtual Labs on Etsy...and get my question answered. I'd say I've been fairly productive for a sleep deprive mom of four. I am developing quite a few new outfits and bows and am even going to go supply shopping tomorrow. Whew....I think I'm more tired writing this post and reading all the things I've done and plans for tomorrow than I have been in the past two weeks! Wish me luck!

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