Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Office Organizing Makeover

Definitely a work in progress, but I did make a lot of improvement last night! Let me start out by saying that my office is NOT that big. It is in fact a quite small walk-in closet.

I worked on one area. The ribbon. Wonder where all the ribbon missing from the craft store shelves goes? It goes straight to my office. I have enough ribbon to decorate a small army of divas for quite some time. I thought (foolishly) that I had part of a wall of ribbon...I actually have almost two walls FULL of ribbon.

I have been so busy working on new bows lately that I haven't been rolling up my ribbon after I'm done cutting....SO here is the chaos that was my office before I started organizing it...

Yes I was working in chaos. Don't judge. :)

And THIS is what ONE of my walls of ribbon looks like after one night of tidying up 

(yes that's right there's another wall behind me that is also full of ribbon, but it is also all nice and neat like this now) 

I'm still working on the ribbon walls. They need to be organized by color (I have some obsessive impulses that tell me so) and I'm really trying to get the hubby to make me better ribbon storage than the hangers. I, unlike "Mommy Dearest" can see the value in wire hangers now though. So there's a plus right? 

Ideally, I think a nice sectioned shelf with some dowel rods would be AWESOME for my ribbon storage....but after the hubby sees the massive amounts of ribbon I actually have, maybe he'll get moving on that shelf a little faster. 

I intend on taking more pics and sharing more of my horrendous before pics as the project progresses. My fabric is next and I think I've found a great way to organize that too. It's the yarn that has me worried...no idea what to do with it.

What are your organizing pitfalls? What would you like to do with your crafting/work spaces?


  1. Ok you've inspired me. I'm going to clean my desk... it's bad bad bad. I will not be posting a picture of it though... I'm not that brave :) But I may be coerced into emailing a picture of my before and after :)

  2. Thanks Crimson!

    Kelly - Consider this my attempt at coercing you to send me pics :) I am an organizing junkie lol I have so many bins and things it's actually a little bit ridiculous.

    I think when I take pics of the rest when it's done everyone is going to get "bin envy". I buy storage bins as frequently as normal people buy toothpaste :)

  3. Looks great so far! It seems organization is one of those never-ending things...I always gotta work on it, because there's always something new or something to do. =)

    ~ Kim

  4. Yes, I did some organizing several months ago, but it was definitely time to go through and organize again. Maybe I'll actually get it done and keep it that way this time lol :)

  5. It is looking great!!! I don't do a lot of crafting, but my office is a pit and needs some organizing TLC. I have been working on a Declutter mission but we will see what happens. Thanks for sharing...