Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In the Studio with Bloom & Bling: We've Come a Long Way Baby!

When Bloom & Bling Accessories started out on Etsy in October of 2010 it was little more than a closet full of ribbon. Literally. That "room" with all of the hangers full of ribbon below was a VERY small walk in closet.

ribbon storage 2010

Last year, I moved to a new home and finally got my own studio space in a building just off of the house. It's beautiful, organized, and I can actually fit inventory into it instead of having everything in plastic tubs where you can't see it when you might need it.

Seriously, I'm not sure how I EVER got anything done in the closet. If you told me I had to go back to the itty bitty literal "hole in the wall" that was my former studio I'd probably laugh at you...then I'd cry...cry like a big bawling baby.

My new studio not only looks about a bajillion times better (no exaggeration) it functions SO much more efficiently. I have these lovely built in, custom ribbon storage racks on two walls, (isn't my hubby handy?) a desk dedicated to my sewing supplies, another desk for all of my paperwork, and putting together orders, and a beautiful large cutting board.

I can't believe how far my little business has come and look forward so much to seeing what the coming years have in store. And just so everyone knows, the coming months have a brand new embroidery machine in store! Finally, the personalized orders you've been asking for!

If you missed my post Monday, I'm having a contest to see if anyone can guess what the new item in my shop will be. You can find that post HERE and enter your guess. Maybe you'll be the first to guess correctly, but even if you aren't, everyone that guesses is getting entered for a chance to win their choice of the finished product (How cool is THAT?)

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