Monday, February 3, 2014

Makin' It Monday: Your Chance to WIN

I had an excellent supply shopping day Friday and came home with some fun fabrics, ribbons, and beads. These will all eventually become bows, jewelry, sleep masks, and scarves. 

But today I'm working on new items. Brand new ones. Something not in the shop currently, and that I haven't had in it before. 

What is it you may ask...

You could ask, but I'm not telling. At least not until someone guesses correctly because today YOU get a chance to WIN what I'm making.

Here are the beautiful fabrics I will be using:

One very lucky person will get their choice of the end result IF they are the first person to guess what I'm making.
 **If there are no correct guesses everyone will be entered by number in the order of entry and a random winner will be chosen

Will you be the winner? Give it a shot! What do you think it is? And what are you making or working on today? 

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  1. Crayon rolls... you know the ones where there is a space for each crayon, and they roll up all nice for travel!

    If that's not what it is... you should make them!

    1. No..not crayon rolls. But you're absolutely right. I SHOULD make those. They are neat and so helpful. Man do my kids need them. Crayons everywhere I tell ya.

      Don't worry though...if no one guesses you still might be able to win :)