Thursday, March 13, 2014

Improving Your Etsy Shop Week 4 - Tagging to Get Found on Etsy

Etsy's Relevancy Search

The way that relevancy search (which is the default search on Etsy now) works has changed vastly over time. There is a greater importance put on what words are together in your tags, as well as your titles.

Where before if someone searched for “pink tutu” anyone with “pink” and  “tutu” as tags would show up in the order latest listed. Now, those who have “pink tutu” all in one tag will show up first in the search.

**We have also added an additional search feature that gives exact word pairs more weight. When your search includes two or more words, we prioritize results that have those exact words next to each other. For example, if I search for “pink unicorn,” results that contain “pink unicorn” in the title or tags will appear higher than those who title an item “Pink Flowers and Unicorn.”**

How Will They Find Me?

We need to think about how a customer would search for our items and what descriptive words would likely be put together, and the order of those words.

If you have not already done so, go through revamping your tags and making sure to include relevant multiple word tags, put them together in the order that a customer would naturally search for them. It will really help to improve your views by customers searching with Etsy’s search. 

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Don't forget to join us next week for week 5 where we'll discuss Twitter.

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  1. Definitely an important part of having people find you. I think a lot of shops might underestimate the power of tags! Really curious about next week's topic, I'm new to Twitter and am not sure how best to use it as a shop.

  2. Good tips! Searching is such a science... ug. Learn something new all the time!