Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Improving Your Etsy Shop Week 5 - The 5 Things You Should Be Tweeting

Using Twitter to promote your shop is a great way to reach new and existing customers. But what should you be tweeting? 

I have been trying to work on my Twitter voice a little more and engage people in conversations. When other people see that you interact and do more they are more likely to follow your tweets more closely and really check out what you're saying. I have found that since I've been doing this, I get lots of new followers every day.

Here are 5 ideas on things to tweet:

     ✩Your progress on a new project.

     ✩Something neat you found outside of Etsy

     ✩Respond to those that RT your tweets, thank them

     ✩Ask someone about their new items or comment about their treasuries

     ✩General ads and attention getting slogans for your shop in general.

Tell them what you've got and why they need it, but also let a little of your personality shine through. Afterall, part of the greatness of buying handmade is that someone making the items cares about them...and is a person, not a machine.

And I can't stress this little tip enough...BRANDING! Make sure that your branding for your Etsy shop and your Twitter account match. It's really important to be consistent so that customers recognize your brand.

What have you found that brings you new followers on Twitter?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm not too great at Twitter as a marketing tool. I had a separate biz account and decided to consolidate it with my personal. Now I have a hard time walking the line. I feel like I'm being annoying.

    1. I hear you! I got to a point where I was tweeting WAY too much. I try to not go over 5 tweets in a day as a rule now. I still love interacting and responding to other people's tweets on Twitter.