Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Improving Your Etsy Shop Week 7 - 4 Ways to Foster Repeat Business

It is proven that it's easier to get an existing customer to come back than it is to get a constant influx of new customers. It is also proven that repeat customer spend more when they come back than a new customer.

But how do we keep those existing customers coming back for more?
The answer may be a lot simpler than you think....
A customer that gets excellent service from you is likely going to tell everyone what a great experience they had. This not only helps your shop, but the Etsy community as a whole.

How can we make a customer a repeat customer?
Here are some great ways to keep them coming back for more.

Brand and label your items

This is something our fellow Rock Star Kelly is an expert in. Branding is a big BIG need a branding plan. It's more complex than just slapping a giant logo on everything you sell. It's a balance. A simple tag on all your items, a business card, your shop header, you need to make your mark, but not in an over bearing way. And everything should have a cohesive theme.

Customer service

Maybe ship the package a day earlier than your ship times indicate...your buyer will be surprised. Or if you know the item is a gift, maybe you can make it look cute for them with a little extra effort in your packaging so they don't have to worry about that when it gets to them. Include a sample of something as a sweet little surprise! or even a handwritten note to thank them. These are all things you can do that will surprise your customer and make them think of you again, without breaking the bank.

Social Media

 Be sure to add your Twitter and Facebook to your Etsy page so your buyers can easily follow you. Interact with your customers on those pages. It doesn't have to be all business ALL the time, but you should discuss topics in your target audience. Give shout outs to great customers. You don't have to mention their names, just an acknowledgment that you think they ROCK and hope they love what they ordered is enough. Remember...the best part about buying from an individual is that it's a more personal relationship than mass produced items they can get. Make it a fun and unique experience.


 Need help spreading the word? Ask your customers to help out. You'd be surprised how many of them would be more than happy to sing your praises to their friends, family, and colleagues. Get them involved and let them feel like they have helped out their new friend that just happens to sell them some really awesome stuff!

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  1. These are good tips! And your blog is lovely :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm hoping that I can help out those that are getting started or having trouble getting into a great routine in their shops.